The Academy

Vineridge Academy is a leading international high school for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. We strive to foster a learning community that is dedicated to providing an enriching educational experience through multiple learning environments; both within and beyond the classroom setting. Our aim is to facilitate academic excellence and inspire students to achieve success in their educational, personal and career endeavours.

Our success comes from the success of our students.

Here are the main needs of our students and how we address those needs:

University Acceptance

International Students invest in Canadian education to secure a successful future. Our school is a step in this direction which is why we provide a high standard of education, university guidance and application support and individualized attention for every student. Our goal is to support the students in their journey and ensure that they not only get into any university program they desire, but also succeed once they are there.




Learning English

We have a full ESL and academic English programs as well as IELTS training which means that we are here for every step of the language learning process. Students can begin studying English at any level and as they advance and build their confidence, academic courses are slowly introduced into their schedule.





Cultural Integration

When students choose Canada as their study destination, it is likely for more than just education. They want to learn about the culture, values and traditions. They want to learn about the people and there is no better way to do this, than to integrate students into the community. Our host families are their first link to Canadian culture. They teach the students language, customs and traditions, they teach them how to be good citizens. We do our part too, as we involve students in community events, volunteering and other social and enriching activities.




Global Connections

Schools generally provide students with a network of connections which often help them to achieve greater things in their future careers. Our students have the advantage of learning alongside many different nationalities and making lifelong friendships. Some later travel the world to re-connect with each other, and others continue to grow right here, equipped with global connections and the experience of working with people from all over the world.