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At Vineridge, we value your time, which is why we work year-round to provide a flexible 4-semester system for optimal academic planning. With 4 intakes per year and a month by month summer semester, students can study at their own pace to reach their individual goals. The accelerated daily schedule allows students to complete their academic year in just 10 months, leaving time to visit family at home, travel or fast track by taking additional credits. Download our school calendar below for specific semester start and end dates.

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Vineridge Academy is focused on helping each student reach their fullest potential. We have the capacity to give every student the help and support they need to succeed, which is why we accept students at all levels, both academic and English. Our 5-level ESL system allows students with lower English aptitude, to work on their language skills before being slowly immersed into the academic program.

Applying is easy!

Local Day Students

Complete the application form and email to set up an appointment for an interview.

International Students

Complete the following documents and submit them below to be considered for admission:

    • Application fee ($300)
    • Passport Copy
    • Transcripts for the last 2 years (translated and notarized)
    • 2 Letters of recommendation
    • Custodian Declaration for students under 18
    • Immunization Records (translated and notarized)




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For any young person thinking of studying abroad their thoughts are filled with a sense of excitement and hesitation. They know many things will change but they anticipate the change with thoughts of happiness and adventure. Their parents are excited and reserved they want to know that they will be somewhere happy and safe. Vineridge Academy knows these concerns and expectations and has created two housing options to accommodate individual requests.

Homestay program

Host Families come in all shapes and sizes: parents with young children, parents with teenagers, families with no children or families whose children are all grown up and moved out.  Homestay families are as diverse as the international students who stay with them. Our Homestay families vary in size, age, and ethnic background.  What they all have in common is a desire to share in the experience of welcoming an International Student into their homes, speak with them and open their minds to new experiences.  Our on-site homestay coordinator interviews interested host families, educates them on the hosting experience and ensures they are a good fit for our program.  In addition to this process, a police clearance is required prior to placing students. The homestay coordinator communicates with host families and students on a regular basis to ensure a smooth transition into the Canadian lifestyle and assist with problem solving as situations arise.

Host families are able to offer students the close care and attention they need while they are far from home. They maintain good eating habits, regular sleep and social behavior. Most importantly, they are there to talk with, comfort and support students. Students also get accustomed to Canadian food as they eat breakfast and dinner with their host family.

We have complete profiles of our host families, including their interests and personalities. The students who choose to live with host families are also encouraged to provide a detailed profile of themselves to allow for the best match. We do our very best to determine where the student will have the best experience.









The on-site residence offers a comfortable and convenient boarding experience. Students have an opportunity to go directly from the school campus into the residence. The three-floor building has a separate floor for boys and girls as well as a lower level student lounge with table tennis, pool table and other games, gym and storage. Each floor has a fridge, microwave and laundry facilities. Security is key, and students are monitored 24/7 by a residence staff and security cameras. The 67 newly renovated double occupancy suites are spacious and have all the necessary amenities such as an en-suite bathroom, two double beds, two desks and storage. There is also air-conditioning and wi-fi throughout.

Our chefs prepare all meals in our on-site kitchen and all meals are fresh and prepared daily. The meals are served buffet-style and offer a balanced healthy diet.