Welcome to Vineridge Academy!

We are proud to offer Student Centered Learning for the ever-changing modern world. Our outstanding academic programs have produced fantastic results, but it is our Values System, Student Services and After-School Programing that facilitate the equally important personal development of each and every student. Our student-to-teacher ratio is low, so we have the time to get to know each of our students personally. Our faculty and staff are mentors that provide the guidance and encouragement students need to grow into well-adjusted, responsible young adults.


graduates in 9 years
post-secondary Scholarships
Average 16 students per class
Years Since Opening as Royal Elite International Academy
Acre Property
post-secondary acceptance rate 6 years in a row
full semesters per year

The Academy target text


Vineridge Academy is a leading international high school for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. We strive to foster a learning community that is dedicated to providing an enriching educational experience through multiple learning environments; both within and beyond the classroom setting. Our aim is to facilitate academic excellence and inspire students to achieve success in their educational, personal and career endeavours.

Our success comes from the success of our students.

Here are the main needs of our students and how we address those needs:


University Acceptance

International Students invest in Canadian education to secure a successful future. Our school is a step in this direction which is why we provide a high standard of education, university guidance and application support and individualized attention for every student. Our goal is to support the students in their journey and ensure that they not only get into any university program they desire, but also succeed once they are there.

Learning English

We have a full ESL and academic English programs as well as IELTS training which means that we are here for every step of the language learning process. Students can begin studying English at any level and as they advance and build their confidence, academic courses are slowly introduced into their schedule.


Cultural Integration

When students choose Canada as their study destination, it is likely for more than just education. They want to learn about the culture, values and traditions. They want to learn about the people and there is no better way to do this, than to integrate students into the community. Our host families are their first link to Canadian culture. They teach the students language, customs and traditions, they teach them how to be good citizens. We do our part too, as we involve students in community events, volunteering and other social and enriching activities.


Global Connections

Schools generally provide students with a network of connections which often help them to achieve greater things in their future careers. Our students have the advantage of learning alongside many different nationalities and making lifelong friendships. Some later travel the world to re-connect with each other, and others continue to grow right here, equipped with global connections and the experience of working with people from all over the world.


Activities target text


Here at Vineridge, we understand that learning happens just as much outside of the classroom as it does within. This is why our activities coordinator works hard to provide a variety of fun and educational activities for our students year-round.





Being located in a small town offers many opportunities to get involved in the community. Every month students volunteer their time to participate in events organized by various organizations. Whether running a food drive, making activities and games for a Halloween children’s fair or running in the Canada Day bed race, our students learn the importance of giving.

Core values

We encourage students to learn the importance of being well rounded individuals through our core value system. Every month there is a core value emphasized through a guest speaker presentation, workshop or activity. Students are encouraged to demonstrate it in their daily school life, and teachers select students who have best exhibited the value for a monthly core value award.

The core values are:

September – Leadership
October – Artistic Training
November – Professionalism
December – Culture
January – Social Skills
February – Effective Communication

March – Critical Thinking
April – Honesty and Integrity
May -Independence
June -Teamwork
July – Discipline
August -Respect



We recognize and celebrate all North American holidays and traditions such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Canada Day, Christmas and many more. Our students learn about and participate in such events as the Terry Fox run, Pink Shirt Antibullying day and the Thanksgiving Food Drive. This allows them to learn Canadian culture, values and traditions.



Here at Vineridge we love to have fun! Students are given the opportunity to be active, play games, sports, sightsee and shop. Our intensive academic program is challenging so weekends provide an opportunity to spend time with friends. Some of the fun activities we do:

  • A walking tour of Toronto
  • Biking through the vineyards
  • A trip to the maple syrup farm
  • Baseball game
  • Hockey game
  • Ice skating
  • Hiking excursions Butterfly conservatory
  • Art galleries
  • Shopping at the outlet
  • Local museums
  • Movies
  • Archery
  • Dodgeball
  • Swimming
  • Science Center
    and many more!



Vineridge clubs are student-centered in that each semester we look for student interest and provide clubs which will allow them to develop those interests. Some clubs are even student-run, allowing students to bond over common interests. Clubs are also a great way to try something new, to learn a skill or simply to meet other students and make new friends. There are sports clubs like wrestling and basketball, arts and crafts club, drama, dance and even capoeira. Academic clubs such as math, physics and chess are popular amongst the students. Computers and Yearbook club provide a variety of skills such as design, writing, photography, sales and layout. We encourage students to take up as many clubs as they have time for.

Academics target text


At Vineridge Academy we truly care about our students and their success. Our academic programs are individually tailored to ensure that each student can realize his or her potential. Our goal is to help students become successful, mindful and dynamic individuals. With that in mind, we focus on helping students develop strong academic and social skills which are valued in today’s society, such as critical thinking and analytical skills, communication skills and time management/organization skills.

Through an individualized approach to scheduling, we ensure all of our students can meet the requirements for Ontario High School Diploma (O.S.S.D.) as well as get an admission to university or college of their choice. We offer a variety of courses from grade 9 to grade 12 level with all grade 11 and 12 courses being academic (‘M’ or ‘U’) level. This means that students are able to use all of their courses for university as well as college admissions.

Courses offered

ENG1D English 9
MPM1D Math 9
CGC1D Geography 9
SNC1D Science 9
AVI1O Art 9
AMU1O Music 9
BTT1O Information and Communication Technology in Business 9
PPL1O Health and Physical Education
ENG2D English 10
MPM2D Math 10
CHC2D Canadian History 10
SNC2D Science 10
AVI2O Art 10
AMU2O Music 10
BTT2O Information and Communication Technology in Business 10
PPL2O Health and Physical Education
CHV2O Civics and Citizenship 10
GLC2O Career Studies 10
ENG3U English 11
MCR3U Functions 11
SPH3U Physics 11
SCH3U Chemistry 11
SBI3U Biology 11
HSP3U Intro to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology 11
TGJ3M Communications Technology 11
AVI3M Art 11
CGG3O Travel and Tourism 11
PPL3O Health and Physical Education 11
BMI3C Marketing: Goods, Services, Events 11
ENG4U English 12
MHF4U Advanced Functions 12
MCV4U Calculus and Vectors 12
MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management 12
SPH4U Physics 12
SCH4U Chemistry 12
SBI4U Biology 12
CGW4U World Issues: A Geographic Analysis 12
CPW4U World Politics 12
HFA4U Nutrition and Health 12
HSB4U Challenge and Change in Society 12
HZT4U Philosophy: Questions and Theory 12
HNB4M The World of Fashion 12
BBB4M Int’l Business Fundamentals 12
BOH4M Business Leadership 12
TGJ4M Communications Technology 12

Our academic program also includes ESL classes at 5 levels – ESLAO, ESLBO, ESLCO, ESLDO, and ESLEO. See this chart


Student Services target text


Our Students are our number one priority!

We understand the importance and responsibility that a school holds before parents and students, especially since they are far from home. Our student services department ensures the students’ physical and mental wellbeing through regular communication and reports any issues to parents. Upon arrival, students are assisted with phone and bank set up as well getting around locally. We speak many languages and can therefore build close relationships with each and every student. Parents can rest assured knowing that in addition to the support of administrative staff and teachers, students receive constant support from their counsellors. Although students are encouraged to be independent, guidance is always provided.

Some examples of the services provided are:

  • Health maintenance/Doctor Visits
  • Bank account set-up
  • Phone set-up
  • Booking out of town transportation
  • University/College program advise
  • Uniform
  • Local things to do/shopping
  • Personal issues
  • And any other questions students have

Faculty target text


Terri Bates
EAP instructor

Esther Mikolajewski
Visual arts Instructor

Matthew Goldhawk
Science instructor

Carlos Sarminento
Marketing manager

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Vanessa Hamilton
Math instructor

Johan De Piaggi
Operation supervisor

Jade Winterbottom
Activity coordinator

Wynter Jordan
Vice Principal Math Teacher